Serbiamap.Mobile for Google Android



What's new in release 1.8:

  • High resolution screens supported
  • Improved map zooming - "pinch" move implemented
  • Option for cyrillic map introduced
  • New object types for search


Serbiamap.Mobile applicaiton is designed for performing fast and efficient online search against our database of georeferenced locations and Points of Interest in Serbia.

Application features:

  • Using GPS receiver on your device, if available.
  • Online search of our POI database (through Internet connection). Search can be performed on several criteria, by name, by object type and by proximity, as well. The latter one allows user to filter search results by proximity from curent GSP location and sort them accordingly. This way you can perform searches like 'the nearest petrol station' or 'list of hotels in city I'm located'.
  • For each object in search results, map view can be invoked using option Show map.
  • Objects (POIs) usualy contain short description (address, contact phone, short info - depending on object type). You can checkout those detail using Info option.


  • Google Android 4.4 or higher


You can downlaod and test Serbiamap.Mobile in a common fashion, using Android Market application on your mobile device.

Before installation one can take a detailed look on Google Android Market web page.