Serbiamap.Mobile for Google Android



What's new this release :

  • GPS map of Serbia
  • More details in map display (autofocus mode, satellite indicator)
  • New object types for search


Serbiamap.Mobile applicaiton is designed for performing fast and efficient online search against our database of georeferenced locations and Points of Interest in Serbia.

Application features:

  • Using GPS receiver on your device, if available.
  • Online search of our POI database (through Internet connection). Search can be performed on several criteria, by name, by object type and by proximity, as well. The latter one allows user to filter search results by proximity from curent GSP location and sort them accordingly. This way you can perform searches like 'the nearest petrol station' or 'list of hotels in city I'm located'.
  • For each object in search results, map view can be invoked using option Show map.
  • Objects (POIs) usualy contain short description (address, contact phone, short info - depending on object type). You can checkout those detail using Info option.
  • Usage of offline maps. Map files may be stored on SD card and used offline, without Internet connection.


  • Google Android 1.5 or higher


You can downlaod and test Serbiamap.Mobile in a common fashion, using Android Market application on your mobile device.

Checkout Serbiamap.Mobile on Android Market, within category Applications/Travel, or use direct market link market://search? .

Before installation one can take a deeper insight on Google Android Marketu web page.

Using offline maps on Serbiamap.Mobile

Application Serbiamap.Mobile can make use of both online maps and offline maps.
In order to browse maps for Serbia in offline mode, one should have map files installed on SD card.

1. download map bundle file for Serbia (and/or additional city maps) :

Map of Serbia :

City maps :

GPS map of Belgrade GPS map of Belgrade
Date : 23.10.2010

Download map file (12.5 MB)

GPS mapa of Novi Sad GPS mapa of Novi Sad
Date : 22.08.2009

Download map file (3.2 MB)

GPS map of Kraljevo GPS map of Kraljevo
Date : 22.08.2009

Download map file (2.5 MB)

GPS mapa of Niš GPS mapa of Niš
Date : 22.08.2009

Download map file (2.3 MB)

GPS map of Kruševac GPS map of Kruševac
Date : 22.08.2009

Download map file (1.4 MB)

2. Unzip on your PC. It contains directory named "MGMapsCache". Change the directory name from "MGMapsCache" to more meaningful name, the one that describes particular map set, for instance. "Serbia", "Beograd", "Novi Sad" or some other descriptive value. Directory name is not stricly defined, Naziv direktorijuma nije strogo određen, it is just important (for practical reason) to have distinguished descriptive names in the case of instalation of new map version.

3. Create folder "/sdcard/Serbiamap.Net/" on your SD card.

4. Transfer map folder (2) from PC to mobile device folder created in 3. using USB cable or otherwise. After this operation, your device should contain folders "/sdcard/Serbiamap.Net/Serbia/", "/sdcard/Serbiamap.Net/Beograd/" or similar, depending on the names you've picked in 2. Just to make sure, check if those folders contain subfolders like "Serbiamap.Net_n".

5. Start Serbiamap.Mobile application on your phone, and then select Settings option from main menu. New activity window emerges with basic application settings.
Check option "Use offline maps", and make sure that offline map storage is properly set in the next field. The default setting is "/sdcard/Serbiamap.Net/", however you can store maps elsewhere, just make sure that true location is properly set here.

6. Save settings and restart.

7. Upon new activation, your map storage is being indexed for offline work.