Serbiamap.Mobile for JavaME systems



What's new in 1.8 :

  • Localization for Serbian and English language
  • Store user created locations and points of interest
  • New menu interface
  • Additional search object types
  • GPS Tracklog introduced


Mobile Java application Serbiamap.Mobile is designed for performing fast and efficient online search against our database of georeferenced locations and Points of Interest in Serbia.

Application features:

  • Taking advantige of GPS receiver on your device, if available. At this moment, only integrated GPS receivers are supported.
  • Online search of our POI database (through Internet connection). Search can be performed on several criteria, by name, by object type and by proximity, as well. The latter one allows user to filter search results by proximity from curent GSP location and sort them accordingly. This way you can perform searches like 'the nearest petrol station' or 'list of hotels in city I'm located'.
  • For each object in search results, map view can be invoked using option Show.
  • Objects (POIs) usualy contain short description (address, contact phone, short info - depending on object type). You can checkout those detail using Info option.
  • If no GPS receiver is present on your device, or you simply wan t to checkout the content in area other then your present, you can use the concept of simulated location - ie. one can set the reference point that will act as your virtual GPS location in distance-based serach requests. One can set reference point using option Simulate Position in folowing fashion - either by desclaring one of the serach results as reference point, or while browsing the map view. In the latter case, reference point is set in the center of display, where red crosshair point. Using the concept of simulated location, one can easily browse our geo content, without particular need for GPS receiver.
  • Program is operating in either real GPS mode (actual position) or in simulated position mode. You can not use them simultaniously. In order to set simulated position, one should stop satellite tracking (if active).


  • Java Sun Micro Edition installed (pre-installed for most mobile devices)
  • Java standards CLDC-1.1 and MIDP-2.0 implemented (mostly present in newer devices - checkout in your device settings). If forementioned minimal conditions are not fullfilled, please, do not install this application !


Serbiamap.Net for JavaME platforms
Program version 1.8 (26.11.2011)
Requirements : JavaME (CLDC-1.1, MIDP-2.0) on device

Download .zip file and unzip it on your PC. Distribution contains both .jar and .jad file for Basic program edition. Transfer both files to device SD card and begin installation using .jad file.

Download latest version 1.8 - download to PC ( - 272KB)

Serbimap.Mobile 1.8 - Download to mobile device (direct installation - server) (~216 KB)  

Serbimap.Mobile 1.8 - on Opera Store (go to Opera Store page and download from there)