Serbiamap.Net introduces online intearctive map of Republic of Serbia. One can find free GPS maps of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and several other Serbian cities for your mobile device.

Map Data

Our database consits a number of various data types organized by categories.

Database of layers and georeferenced points is being constantly updated. Here are some of the layers you may choose for display:

  • Rivers and Streams
  • Mountains in Serbia
  • Municipalities of Republic of Serbia (Administrative division)
  • Border points
  • Road map of Serbia
  • Railroad network of Serbia
  • Petrol stations in Serbia
  • Serbian monasteries
  • Spas in Serbia (amenities)
  • Archeological locations
  • National parks of Serbia
  • Mines in Serbia
  • Hydro and termocentrals
  • Sport objects (stadiums)
  • Museums of Serbia
  • Hotels in Serbia
  • Foreign embassies in Serbia