GPS realtime tracking system


GPS tracking system allows sending your current location data from your GPS enabled mobile device to our server in order to track down and display actual position on our maps. In order to use this feature, one should have installled the latest version of Serbiamap.Mobile free Java client application on his mobile device.
The latest version of Serbiamap.Mobile Java aplication can be found on Serbiamap.Mobile download page.

User account

In order to use Serbiamap.Mobile application for realtime tracking purpose, one should have user account open our system. By filling the standard online form, you will be provided with both web and mobile client user account to use when tracking.

Each mobile account corresponds to single web user account (same username and password). Furthermore, web account can have multiple mobile accounts, hence, it is an easy framework for creating group of mobile users (objects, vehicles) to track down in real time.

Anonymous public accounts

Beside forementioned standard user accounts, one can activate GPS realtime tracking (for testing purpose) without explcit registration. However, those data will be public to all site users - hence the 'public accounts' term. To activate this mode, in mobile client application, use the username that starts with term 'public' (for instance 'public2345' or 'publitest1'), and password is irrelevant (password field may be left blank - not used).

Anonimous public accounts are weak, their only purpose is for fun and testing. Since using somewhat arbitrary usernames, these accounts overlap, there for, one should pick 'publicXXXXXX' username that is most likely to be unique.

Once again, use public accounts only for demonstration and testing, your location data will be visible to anyone.

Serbiamap.Mobile mobile application

GPS tracking feature was introduced in Serbiamap.Mobile version 1.3. This program module enables sending location data from GPS enabled mobile devices. No other (personal) data are being accessed or sent. In order to use Live tracking feature, start your GPS (Start GPS main menu option), and then select GPS Tracking menu option. Fill in username and password (or just username if using public account) and hit Start button. After notification, you wiil be be most likely asked to select appropriate internet connection to send data over. Once Live Tracking is activated, your location data are being sent to server every 30 seconds.

Besides Live Tracking, Serbiamap.Mobile features several other useful functions. Read more on Serbiamap.Mobile download page.

GPS web tracking

Website main page consists of map and data panels. Surely, you will use GPS Tracking panel for tracking overview purpose. Once you activate GPS Tracking by hitting Start button, the pane is populated with publicly visible current tracking data. When you log in with your user name, both public and your private data are being visible to you.

Settings module allows you to define refresh interval, public accounts visibility, etc.

Tracking objects are marked with red and blue dot markers on map. Red markers are hot (GPS data from recent 30 minutes), and blue ones 'cold' (inactive), ie. older then 30 minutes. All objects are visible for 120 minutes (2 hours) from last client data reception.

One can focus object on map by simply clicking it's label in GPS Tracking pane.